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GreenDisk Technotrash Can Pickup Information Page.

Please take the following Steps to return your Technotrash Can:

Step 1:   Enter your shipping token number found on the back of your Technotrash Can.
Step 2:   Enter your email address to receive your FedEx label.
Step 3:   Enter pickup location information:  contact name, physical address, and phone number.
Step 4:   Enter the accurate weight of your box.
Step 5:   Press submit.

If you get an error message saying "Token has expired" this is because your Technotrash Can was purchased over three years ago.  After three years, accounting requires that the number be expired. Don't worry, you are still able to return your Technotrash Cans.  Email with a subject of "Expired Token", and identify the expired token number in the text of the email.  We will quickly email you a replacement token number. Have questions?  Call 425.392.8700.

NOTE:  The information entered below will be used to create your FedEx label and your Certificate of Compliance. To include an organization’s name on the Certificate, enter the organization name in the ‘First’ and ‘Last’ Name fields or in the first ‘Address’ field.

Enter Your Token Number

Please enter the shipping token to be used for this order.  The shipping token can be found on the back of your Technotrash Can, your order confirmation email, and the order receipt.

Enter the email address where you would like us to send your FedEx label.

NOTE: Required fields are indicated with an asterisk(*).

  Shipping Token (ALL CAPS)*      
  Email Address *      


Enter Your Location
Please enter the address for the shipment.

NOTE: Required fields are indicated with an asterisk(*).

  First Name *    Last Name *    
  Address *    
  Address 2
  City *    
  State *     Zip Code *       
  Primary Phone Number *  -  -   Ext.     

Enter the weight (in pounds) of your Technotrash Can:*      

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